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We have a lot to catch up on, so please get comfy, kick off your shoes, and let’s get to know each other...

Do you remember the moments you felt stuck and alone?

Let me share my journey of how I got to where I am today. This is my story...


A Little Performer

“Talented, but terrified”

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Moved to CA

“I’ll never forgive you for this mom”

Junior High

“People liked me, but I didn’t like them. My best friend left me for the popular group.”


“Had to get a degree with no direction”

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High School

“People are too painful, I wanted to be invisible”

High School.jpg


“7 year relationship — cried so much I developed an eye skin rash”



“I was ready for a transformation”


My Only Comfort

“I loved my baby to pieces”

Mom, Dad, Sister

"My role was to be protector and peace maker"

Parents Divorce.png

Parents Divorced

“Thank god, now the fighting can stop”

Aligning with my life’s purpose

I had struggled my whole life when at age 31. I found a life coach and quickly realized I had the emotional tolerance and skillset of a 3 year old.


It was like my whole being was an open nerve. Interacting with people was challenging. Being alone was overwhelming. And if I smelled the slightest bit of disappointment, manipulation, criticism, or even getting too much attention, my only comfort was to run and hide. The world was painful for me and it felt like I was constantly on the verge of crying.


There was something inside of me that I had endless tears for. Thirty years on this planet and I had nothing to show for it. I had jumped from job to job in different industries and didn’t have a career. I felt stupid and worthless. I couldn’t afford to live in Orange County. I didn’t have any hobbies or steady friends and picked unhealthy relationships one after the next.


Why did I have low self-esteem? Why did I get bursts of happiness and then at the drop of a hat, my positive vibe turns dark? Why was I so angry? Why didn’t my life reflect any of my creative talents? Why was I so stuck?


I yearned for stability, motivation, substance...success. I had gifts to share and much joy to experience, that I couldn’t quite access. I had one decision to make: continue groundhog day or start walking the path of real self discovery. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was willing to do anything to discontinue the unsatisfying life I had created.


Two years of working with a life coach, my self esteem and confidence came online, my overall health had improved, my relationship with my fiancé had stabilized and began to thrive, and I became aligned with my life’s purpose.


I believe there is nothing more important in this world than love. Love for yourself, love in relationships, love for animals and nature, love for                    (you fill in the blank). You would think knowing how to love comes naturally, and it actually does, but most of us have lost our connection with love at a very young age.


My life’s purpose and passion is to feel love, give love, and teach love. 

I feel more closer to my husband and I know he feels that much closer to me


My husband and I knew we wanted to understand more about who we were to each other, and Viki was a guide that truly made some of that journey incredibly honest. Viki always remained vigilant to bringing out what our souls needed ­— understanding, love, and compassion. I feel more closer to my husband and I know he feels that much closer to me, and Viki was a great piece that was apart of our soul finding puzzle.

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