Are you on a journey of self discovery?

I believe in self empowerment and I am here to teach you how to heal yourself.  

Hi, I'm Viki!

I want you to know 2 things:

1  You deserve whatever it is you are looking for.

2  You have the power to create the life you dream of. 


When I started my transformational journey, I wanted...well A LOT of things. But I guess in retrospect, I can brew it down to wanting the power to be in control of my own life. I wanted my reality to feel peaceful, joyful, passionate, and one where I could honestly say that I liked myself...dare I say love myself? The problem was I didn’t know how to begin changing. Does this sound like you? If so, I can help. Let me guide you on your transformational journey to self healing holistically — mind, body, and spirit.


Let's work together!

My approach is to become aware of what’s going on in the mind, what’s going on in the body, and what’s going on energetically. Understanding how all three areas work together and using modalities from each will help you discover your unique path back to inner peace and joy.

Let me help you get "unstuck"

No matter what the issue is: financial, relationship, personal, or career, it all comes down to being aware of our inner universe. What does your outer world tell you about your inner world? 


A student and observer of life

I value honesty, new experiences, and being in the present. I am passionate about helping others experience more love and joy in their lives.


My life purpose is to feel love, give love, and teach love.  


She is dedicated to being there and supporting you


Viki has a gift for being able to understand and connect with people. She knows when I need to laugh, when I need to cry, and when I need advice or when I just need her to listen. She is dedicated to being there and supporting you, no matter what your journey looks like. 

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